Conference day 3: Compete

In today’s session, focus was mainly on Kevin Turner’s compete talk.

Vision Keynote

Microsoft Partner Network (Jon Roskil)

The MPN team worked on the following three things based on partner feedback during the FY:

  • Great products: the products keep getting better and greater
  • Stronger field connections: PAM’s are being upscaled, PTA’s are being enabled, over 100 Tele Sales specialists are added as well as solution specialists.
  • Path to profit in the cloud: many partners had questions about how to make profit in the cloud. These were answered by Office 365’s Open Program, (as announced on day 1), which offers the most diverse and largest cloud licensing model. Incentive programs have also grown with 40%, as a partner told: “Solution Incentive Program (SIP) is just money sitting on a table” (waiting for you).

Compete (Kevin Turner – COO)

KT identifies the following business trends:

  • Economy: EU, LATAM both positive and negative trends
  • Geography
  • Multi-channel: multiple revenue types and GTM’s
  • Customer feedback & knowledge

and the following technology trends:

  • Cloud
  • Data explosion (big data)
  • Social
  • Natural interfaces
  • Ecosystem of computers
  • Consumerization of IT
  • Connectivity
  • Machine learning (most important one)

This year is release record year (see the slide at the bottom of this post), with more releases in FY13 than ever before.
FY13 business focus:

  • Windows 8, devices and apps (incl. enterprise apps)
  • Win with Office 365
  • Cloud (winning with datacenters)
  • Deployment (AD and System Center to be prepared for the cloud)
  • Consumerization of IT
  • SQL Server 2012
  • Dynamics


  • Google: show your customer the typical hidden costs (advertised $50, actual $700+)
  • VMware: Hyper-V has double growth over VMware and stole quite some market share
  • Oracle/IBM: SQL Server is the worldwide leader in database systems with 46% market share vs 17% for Oracle and 9% for IBM. According to the TPC-E test on cost, performance and energy saving, SQL Server is the absolute leader. For big data, Hadoop can now be introduced in all clouds, be it public/private/on premise and for both structured and unstructured information.
  • Collaboration: Office, SharePoint, Lync, Skype and Yammer enable the enterprise to go social. This is a hot commodity these days…
  • Salesforce/Siebel: Dynamics CRM is less expensive but needs more implementing partners to get there!
  • Security: according to a security study, Microsoft is best in class, as opposed to Oracle, Apple and Google.

FY13 consumer focus:

  • Windows 8
  • Xbox
  • Office
  • Phone: WP beat iPhone as first on Siri “What is the best smartphone?”
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Stores (new ones opening in America)

Deepak Chopra

Honestly, the things he said were way too far fetched from a technology standpoint, he did not apply any humor and in my opinion did not reach the public at all. Only thing I remember is that the best fruits are deeply colored ones.

WPC 2013

Will take place in Houston, Texas.

Business-Critical SharePoint details session (Gideon Bibliowicz)

Eventually what the program is all about is SI’s taking ISV’s to market to bring more value from SharePoint.
Wins for this program will be showcased and the program requires at least 1 solution to be showcaseable. These reference cases should be discussed with the customer UP FRONT, to get the reference case quickly to Gideon and his team.
There is no Microsoft field play involved, so it is up to the partners to get the wins, there is no standard Microsoft sales approach to this program.
There are no fees to be paid for the program.
The benefits are still the same as on the website (training starts on July 19th Jens!):
At the SharePoint conference in LA later this year, the BCSP forum will try to get half a day dedicated to BCSP.
If needed, we could present our reference cases in a kind of webinar and get Gideon to introduce us (15min e.g.).
This is the only Microsoft program that gives you access to 4 hours with a Microsoft Ranger.

Executive Meeting Windows Azure (Eron Kelly – GM Azure Product Group)

The details of this meeting will be disclosed in my internal report.

AvePoint follow-up (Amy Roberts)

The details of this meeting will be disclosed in my internal report.

Belux activity

City tour + PAM dinners.