Conference day 4: Regional

This is the last post about the conference itself, future posts will still be about Toronto, purely for leisure.

Regional Keynote BeLux

Philippe Rogge (General Manager BeLux)

The future brings 3 great changes:
– Windows, Windows, Windows: all 4 Windows platforms (Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Azure) are key to our success in FY13
– Microsoft has had some headwind the last few years. This time, the tailwind is setting, so surf on this wave!
– To win in FY13, we have to make a lot of speed though, that is the only way we can win!

At the MSFT offices, there is a Customer Immersion Experience demo floor available for partners to use to showcase MSFT technologies and solutions to customers and prospects. We can use this as well, we should use this to compete!

More marketing material will be shared with partners. There will be a lot of TV commercials next year and we can be part of that with one of our stories, we should check into this.
Two major accounts in BeLux (a major bank and a part of the government) have moved to the public cloud (O365 or Azure, not sure). These reference cases can be used to win new customers and show them the public cloud can be trusted.

Steven Stokmans (SMS&P)

Enterprise priorities in FY13:

  • Cloud / datacenters: SaaS (O365), Iaas, Paas, application development and management
  • Connected business (AX, CRM), BI, big data
  • Mobile / social, new world of work

SMB priorities in FY13:

  • Cloud
  • Windows / Office
  • Leverage ecosystem

Consumer priorities in FY13:

  • Amazing product launches
  • Boost ecosystem
  • Grow personal cloud services

First week of October, a mini-WPC will be held in Belgium, throughout November even with technical sessions.
Idea that could be interesting: some partners work with a “newspaper” format to showcase reference cases for marketing.

Belux Activities

We visited the Jackson Triggs Niagara Estate vineyard and got very close and personal with the Niagara Falls in the “Maid of the Mist” (just a boat).
The photos speak for themselves.